Being a teacher in a high school classroom is tough enough. Being a stylish teacher?

I'm trying.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The sleeveless shirt.

One thing I have gotten tons of use of this summer?  My sleeveless blouses!  I am generally not one for a sleeveless shirt, except as a layering piece under sweaters and cardigans...but this summer, with the business casual requirement at school and the 97+ degree temps, I have come around.

 This was an outfit during the heat wave--I considered belting that skirt, but was just too damn hot to add any accessories.  Notice: No earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.  Apparently, everyone is lucky I agreed to wear clothes at all.

My point is, I have made this top work with every bottom in my closet, and it works hard every time.  The only problem?  It's a little sheer, and it's from Old Navy, so it is starting to get a little worn (pun intended?)

My next mission is to find this shirt in a slightly thicker, sturdier material for the school year!

In growing out the pixie news, I have moved to a Fauxhawk hairstyle to deal with the longer layers on top and on the sides...Tuck long side hair behind ears.  Tease bangs and pin back.  Hair spray to high hell.  Done.


  1. Love the skirt, and the fauxhawk even more! It's a great contrast to the ladylike/teacher clothing.

    1. Thanks Joyce! You know all my outfit planning goes back to your tracking method from High school! ;0)